• An effective NIMS compliant manual system for HICS Situation Awareness and Support Coordination that is reliable and simple.
  • NIMS compliant and follows established national guidelines for HICS 2014. Just insert the latest version.
  • Customizable: Compatible with Microsoft Word 97® and Excel 97®you can modify information as needed, without new software. or newer, means
  • Displays: 20 wall Displays for showing Situation Awareness.
  • Binders: Complete 3-ring binder contents for up to 21 key HICS staff positions, both inside and outside the hospital’s Command Center. Tabs for Initial Tasks, Job Action Sheets for 49 subordinates, Activation, Overview and Room Layout, Log, Forms, and Message Copies.
  • Message handling system for receiving a high volume of messages, organizing them on a simple triplicate message form, and tracking critical coordinations.
  • Convenient RESTOCK FILES for replenishing checklists and forms for each HICS System™2014 binder used during an exercise or actual event.
  • HICS 2014 Forms in Microsoft Word files stored in a separate binder for making additional copies.
  Photo: HICS System Kit Organization for HICS System Photo: Operations ROOM