Hospital Incident Command System (HICS). The HICS System™2014 follows established national guidelines for HICS 2014. The HICS System™2014 is a reliable manual system for a Hospital Incident Command Center.  Customers can modify the NIMS compliant template in the HICS System™2014 to match specific local area names and places, or to insert the latest HICS version. Be Ready, Anytime. You can purchase the HICS System™2014 as a Complete Kit, Assembled and Ready to use, for $3,995. (additional cost for shipping outside the 48 contiguous United States). The Kit includes wall Displays, messaging system and forms, staff binders, and copies of kit components on CD-ROM.

You can also purchase the same content on Disk for $995 and assemble your own HICS System™2014 kit, or purchase kit components (See Components Sold Separately on  Prices page).

Customer Binder Download: Patient Family Assistance Branch Director

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