* Reusable System Available in Two Options:

Option 1) The EOC SimCellComplete Kit is organized into modules and packed into a sturdy container. Each module has its own storage bag for keeping module components, together. Kit includes 5 durable Control Mats, 8 decks for over 800 Event Cards, cards for resources and statistics, materials for annotating cards, six Illustrated Instruction Manuals, clock, component storage bags, kit storage container, and computer disks containing data files for reproducing kit components and exercise event schedules, and for presenting PowerPoint training to Controllers.
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Replacement cards, forms, and checklists for the EOC SimCellComplete Kit can also be printed from Microsoft Word™ files on a CD.

cdOption 2) The EOC SimCell™ on Disc is a template on CD-ROM for Microsoft Word® 97 and Excel® 97, or newer and provides the same component content as the Complete Kit, just print and assemble your own kit. (Control Mats are presented in Black and White for enlargement).

* Consequence-Based Exercises. EOC SimCell™ focuses on the impact of Emergency Operations Center decisions on casualties and damage. Additional casualties and damage that may result provide a measure for evaluating the performance of the Emergency Operations Center staff.

* Customize-able. Use self-adhering notes or alter cards to customize exercise injects and resources.

* Staffed by Local Emergency Responders. No need for simulation cell specialists. The visual representations and self-evident flow diagrams on EOC SimCell™ Control Mats means that a local fire, law enforcement, medical or public works responder can be a Controller.

* Control Mats. Resources, Administration, and 3 Incident Control Mats help EOC SimCell™ controllers organize and inject exercise events, track and assess casualties and damage, and accurately process requests for simulated resources and information.

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* Two-Way Exercise Interactions. A simulation cell provides the most realistic training experience for the Emergency Operations Center.

* Forms. Pre-Exercise Checklist for planning and set-up. Exercise and Control Mat Results sheets for consolidating casualties and damage at the end of an exercise. 

* Training. A 35-minute PowerPoint® presentation can train an individual or a group of Controllers in less than an hour! The animated and narrated Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation demonstrates how to operate each control mat and is a quick way to become familiar with the EOC SimCell™. (see Videos)

* Instruction Manuals. In addition to the Training PowerPoint®, each Control Mat has its own Instruction Manual with plenty of illustrations for setting up and operating the control mat.

* Event Cards. Event Cards drive the message traffic from the EOC SimCell™ control mats to the EOC. Chronological Event Cards are cues to controllers to Report events, Request resources or information, and to update casualty and damage Results. Using Event Cards to inject exercise messages is flexible, conventional and simple, which is why it works!

Scenario Event Cards:

Information, which includes typical communications with local and state agencies.

Large-Scale Evacuations in a large populated area.

Mass Casualties from any situation or incident that causes numerous casualties.

Power Outage involving a large areas.

Area Damage & Debris from natural disasters.

Hazmat incidents involving hazardous materials.

Collapsed Structure incidents involving casualties and rescue.

Crime Scene incidents such as terrorism.

* Master Scenario Events List. Microsoft® Word® and Excel® files are included for generating a sorted Master Scenario Events List (MSEL) based on the Event Cards selected for an exercise.


* Space Requirements. The EOC SimCell™ can operate from any conference room-sized location that has communications with the Hospital Command Center. A room that is 20 by 30 feet is ideal for a large exercise that uses all four EOC SimCell™ control mats.

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However, an exercise scenario with fewer control mats will fit into a smaller room or conference room.

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