EOC SimCell™ is a reusable manual system for setting up and operating an Emergency Operations Center simulation cell, or sim cell, that can be staffed by local emergency responders during an EOC exercise. The simcell system uses a set of Control Mats, Event Cards and Resource Markers to simulate an emergency situation for the EOC staff.

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 What is a Simulation cell?

 A Simulation Cell is a group of people who play the roles of various organizations involved in emergency response and support. The EOC SimCell™ provides a realistic exercise experience for an emergency operations center or any multi-agency coordination center (MACC) at the county or city level. (See Article: SimCell)


EOC SimCell™ is a flexible system that can mix a variety of emergency scenarios.

You can purchase the EOC SimCell™ on Disc or as a Complete Kit.

Video: Resource Coordination Simulation

Video: Incident Simulation