• Compliant with NIMS for Emergency Operations Centers (EOC).
  • Emergency Support Function (ESF) format. 
  • An effective manual system for EOC Situation Awareness and Support Coordination that is reliable and simple.
  • Displays: Up to 18 wall Displays for showing Situation Awareness.
  • Binders: Complete 3-ring binder contents for up to 27 EOC staff positions. Tabs for Initial Tasks, ESF Checklists, Responsibilities, Overview and Room Layout, Log, Message System, and File Copies.
  • Message handling system for receiving a high volume of messages by voice, organizing them on a simple message form, and tracking critical coordinations.
  • EOC Training on CD is narrated to facilitate consistent and effective instruction, reducing the training burden on emergency managers. Includes six Microsoft PowerPoint training presentations and a training facilitator handbook.

Written in Microsoft Word 97® and Excel 97® … means you can modify information as needed, without new software.

Staff Binders

Photo: Operations ROOM

Photo: EOC System ESF Kit

EOC Training CD Samples