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Log of Actions Taken


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1. Use LOG printed in green at the bottom or top of each page to jump to Log of Actions Taken.

2. Type or Hand write legibly.  Print block letters, if necessary.

3. List all key actions or events that are not covered in the Annex Checklist.  Information should include WHO, WHAT, WHEN (Time), WHERE and sometimes HOW and WHY, when appropriate.

4. Type or Write in a Log Entry #, in numerical order, for each separate entry.

5. Type or Write in an Event # for key events such as Mutual Aid Agreement activations, Emergency Operations Center activation or relocation, arrival of coordinators, key people or officials, disaster or emergency declarations, etc.

6. Print Page when a form is full or Remove enough blank forms for easy access when handwriting.

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Log of Actions Taken

Coordinator Name & Function:

Log Entry #

Local Time


Action Taken

Event #

(Instructions on Page 1)