Cost Summary spreadsheets with built-in formulas and adjustable variables for estimating costs during an emergency and for calculating costs according to FEMA reporting requirements

Central Database for Resources & Contact Info

Pre-formatted, saves hundreds of staff hours and kick-starts the planning process

Existing Off-the-Shelf software: available on CD-ROM in MS Word 97 and Excel 97 or newer with hyperlinks for quick navigation around the Plan document. No training needed to use the plan – Point and Click!

Strategic level Basic Plan with operations level Annexes and Appendices including TERRORISM.

A Living Document – Easy to Change – Organized into modules based on All-Hazard CPG 101 guidelines with equivalent ESF’S

MATRICES reveal planning gaps and show relationships

Fill-in-the-blanks, LOOK-UP TABLES save words, organize Information and facilitate planning

IMPROVED! Now includes templates that automatically strip out specific data from a central database into Annex tables using Microsoft Excel®!

Visual format – DIAGRAMS to Explain Concepts and Processes